One of the things I struggle with most is changing the mindset of people when it comes to fitness. Imagine that! Can’t teach an old dog new tricks right?

On this topic, the most common is by far nutrition. For some reason, we all believe that we know exactly how to feed ourselves to accomplish our goals. 9 out of 10 times, that “knowledge” involves reducing calories.

However, it’s not about reducing calories. Let me repeat that – IT’S NOT ABOUT REDUCING CALORIES.

So what is it about? It’s about fueling your body for your goals. A marathoner and a boxer eat differently. So should you. One size does not fit all!

So, the question becomes, how do I fuel my body right?

That question is too much to answer here as each snowflake is unique. Message me for 1on1 help.

But what I can tell you is that ALL nutritional plans (yes ALL), NEED to include Shakeology. But why? Glad you asked! Let’s dive in!


1st off, let me say that I’m not going to lay it all out there. Not every detail will be covered. This is my opinion and it will be an overview at that.

Shakeology is the “kitchen sink approach” to nutrition. Or better yet, it’s the Swiss Army Knife of nutrition! It has over 70 superfood ingredients in it that your body will use to repair, change, and improve itself.

But more to the basics. It’s a powder. Its food! Its not something cooked up in a lab. Its food from around the world that is higher quality. Watch this VIDEO to see where the ingredients come from.

They are much higher quality than what you or I can get in the stores. It comes in two flavors (for now) – Chocolate and Greenberry. It has only 140 calories for the base mix (more can be added when you combine it with other items for a smoothie recipe).

If that’s not enough for you, its been endorsed by the big “O” – yes, Oprah herself had a 10 page article on the superfoods in Shakeology (see the May 2011 issue of O Magazine).


My father had this saying – Pay your doctor or your grocer. Everyone pays someone.

For me, I’d much rather pay the grocer. I’d much rather eat well, eat healthy and GLADLY take my Shakeology daily for the rest of my life than be half alive propped up by medications, pills and potions to just survive.

Also, TIME magazine (and others) have put out report after report that paints a scary picture. The nutritional value of the food today is declining. Basically, the apple you can eat today has 1/3of the nutritional value your grandparents had at the same age. 1/3 less! Why? Multiple reasons. But in short – agriculture is a business. Faster production growth times, more product, etc… equals more profit. So they find ways to grow them faster and grow them more often. We’re not letting nature take its course. Read more HERE.

One more reason – convenience. I wake up at eary to go to work. There is no way I’m cooking my breakfast that early! And no, I don’t eat oatmeal/cereal. So with this, I put the recipe into a blender bottle ($8 at GNC) and shake! That’s it. Takes 1 minute to prepare and drink while I’m on the road. Saves precious time.


Again, not going into detail on this. Would take FOREVER! See Shakeology’s website for this detail.

I will tell you this – picture a scoop of Shakeology taken daily as a hundred million little nutritional handymen making repairs on your “house” each and every day. They fix the broken stuff, repair and mend the little things, clear the clutter, make sure the systems are running at peak condition and are constantly doing home improvement projects to make your “house” the best it can be!

To name just a few things that Shakeology is going to give you:

    • More energy
    • Lower cholesterol (the bad stuff)
    • Regulate your blood sugar
    • Improve your skin, nails, hair, eyes
    • Help/eliminate cravings
    • Improve regularity
    • And for those vain people (me included) – LOSE WEIGHT!


Are you kidding me? For the few who truly can’t afford it, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that things are this way for you. You should contact me for coaching. For 99.99% of the rest of you, BS!

Let’s break it down. $120 for a MONTH’S supply of Shakeology That’s 30 meals or $4/meal. Average cost of Starbuck’s latte is $4.16. You can’t even get a McDonald’s happy meal for that these days! And it sure as hell isn’t anywhere near as nutritious/valuable!

So if your budget can’t afford it, it’s time to re-examine your priorities! Maybe that unlimited texting plan can be reduced a little to squeeze in your health. Just sayin!


Gotcha! Of course overnight results are not guaranteed! In case life hasn’t taught you this already, let me open the curtains to a secret – THERE ARE NO OVERNIGHT SUCCESSES! NO QUANTUM LEAPS!

Like anything, its takes work. Consistent work. Shakeology is no different. Its going to take time. Consistent, daily usage and time. During that time, it will work its magic (which really isn’t magic, its just food remember).


Look, I’m no fool. By itself, it tastes ok, but not “I’ll drink this daily for the rest of my life” great. Why? Well, when you try to combine over 70 uber-ingredients with pure Cacao or a fruit blend, it doesn’t retain the expected flavor of say…a Hershey’s chocolate bar. Duh!

But what sets this apart, what keeps me drinking this stuff DAILY is the recipes! There are over 120 of them! And more are coming as people like you and me get creative and send them in!

So check them out here!


I thought what better to show the world the value of Shakeology than to have people share their stories. These are excerpts from people on Shakeology. Many of whom are my customers that I personally know. The others are from friends who have shared their stories. These are real. 100% authentic.

Cheryl’s Story – Just got some of the best news I have ever heard (and at a perfect time, when I’ve been feeling very discouraged). My mother-in-law has been drinking Shakeology every day for several months, she has been struggling to lose weight and honestly hasn’t been working out & hasn’t been eating well other than the Shakeology. She is 78 yrs old and I continually try to help her. For the first time since she was in her 20′s, her blood work all came back normal!!! Last year she was borderline diabetic and this year her blood sugar levels were normal!!! The only change in her life was SHAKEOLOGY! Wow I am so excited for her! –

Joyce’s Story – My cholesterol was 261 & mydoctor was going to prescribe cholesterol meds at my next visit. Istarted drinking Shakeology – and in 2 months, my total cholesterol dropped 83 points and my bad cholesterol (LDLs) dropped 77 points – yes – in 2 months!!! ALL my blood levels went into normal ranges in 2 months AND I lost 20 pounds. My doctor said – just keep doing what you’re doing! =)–

Rafeal’s Story – My mom expressed to me the compliments she was receiving ever since she started on Shakeology. To start things off, let’s start with my mom’s medical condition prior to Shakeology. My mom is Diabetic and anemic. She was placed on Thyroid medication to help her lose weight. Her insulin was prescribed to help control her sugar levels. My mom is medically disabled and has had to use wheel chairs and a cane to assist in getting around. She also has to sleep with a sleep apnea machine to help her breathe at night.

After hearing and seeing what Shakeology has done to me, my mom decided to give it a try. After having to spend hundreds of dollars on shakes and Ensure from her doctor’s office, she figured why not do Shakeology.

So, 2 months have gone by and my mom opened her third bag. She went to the local grocery store (Publix) where like always, the cashiers are so friendly and always remember their customers. My mom walks in and the cashier yells, “OMG SYLVIA, You’ve lost so much weight and you’re walking WITHOUT A CANE!! What are you doing?”

That excitement brought my mom to say SHAKEOLOGY! My son got me on it and it’s helped me so much, she said. My mom got the lady’s email and called me about the news. Next, my mom went to her doctor’s office. All the nurses, techs, and receptionist were shocked, too. She went the other day after having a physical done. Her doctor walked in with a confused look on her face. Looking at the chart then at my mom, the doctor couldn’t understand the rapid change. First thing out the doctor’s mouth was, “Sylvia, what are you doing different?” my mom said “Shakeology why?” The doctor replied, “Well, don’t ever stop it!”

The doctor then explained to my mom that she no longer needed her insulin, her levels were normal. Next the doctor lowered her triglyceride medication. Next the doctor was happy to tell her that she was now no longer anemic. Within 2 months, my mom lost 32 pounds, that’s an average of 16 pounds a month. Mind you, my mother is disabled so she CANNOT EXERCISE. This has all taken place simply by drinking Shakeology. Also with the weight loss, my mom hasn’t needed to use her cane to walk or sleep apnea machine when sleeping.

Barb’s Story – Barb has been dealing with RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. BEFORE Shakeology:

    • Used to ride a chair lift up/down stairs in her home.
    • Hurt to walk
    • Cookies for breakfast
    • No energy


    • Walks up and down stairs –
    • Has more energy!
    • Cravings for junk food – GONE
    • Lost 9 pounds & 14.5 inches
    • Gone down 1 size in her clothes
    • Started the Shakeology 30 minute & 50 minute workouts – did them for 3 weeks
    • Moved on to Beachbody’s Slim in 6 workout

Showed Shakeology to her medical doctor and Rheumatologist – both doctors approved. Her Rheumatologist is interested in ordering Shakeology and helping her patients with it – after seeing her success. :) WOW!!!!!!


I think I’m still in shock that I’ve had no pain for over one month now. Especially for having suffered for so many years. My only regret was waiting. HUGE thank you to you(Tom) for introducing me to this and helping me live my life again. I hope I can help to change the lives of others suffering from the same disease!

Kimberly And Her 14 yr Old Daughter’s Story – WEIGHT LOSS and PKD – POLYTHEISTIC KIDNEY DISEASE—>;NO LONGER AT RISK!!!

I started the Shakeology about 6 weeks ago and within the first three weeks lost a total of 18 lbs. I have so much more energy and as you’ve seen last night I am now able to fit into clothes I couldn’t just a couple of months ago. I have higher self-esteem and it shows. I decided to start my 14 yr old daughter on Shakeology who has a lot of medical problems – one of which is failure to thrive and polytheistic kidney disease(PKD). My daughter was going to the doctor about 6 times a month due to her kidney stones and the doctor needing to keep an eye on them. I am happy to report that she is no longer considered at risk for the failure to thrive and is healthier than ever after 6 weeks on the program. But the most spectacular thing is she is now seeing the doctor only a few times a month and has had no sign of stones in two weeks. That is amazing. For the first time in years she is feeling like a kid and able to do the things a kid should be able to do without the pain and frustration of constant issues. Thanks for the information on the Shakeology. It has been a blessing in so many ways.

James’s Story – I was out of shape, overweight, and bordering on high blood pressure. I felt sluggish, had difficulty walking up a flight of stairs at work, and was starting to get arthritis in my knees. I weighed 265 pounds when I started using Shakeology as a daily noon meal replacement. I began doing the Shakeology 30 workout video every day too. I set a goal to get down to 225 pounds by my birthday on 7/26/2010. To my amazement, after 45 days on the program, I’ve lost 30 pounds and have gone from a 44 waist paints with a large belly hanging over to a 38 waist. And I can look straight down and see my toes, which I haven’t been able to do for at least 20 years!

Brook’s Story – In 2008, I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis. Since then I’ve been on a huge amount of meds, from steroids to herbal remedies. Simply going to a movie with friends had become a huge challenge. The VERY first day on Shakeology, I couldn’t believe how much energy I had! I’d been an energy-drink junkie for years, and this tasty shake gave me higher quality, longer lasting energy than any of those sugary, bubbly drinks. After only a week, the shocking results started: the colitis flare-up I was experiencing was nearly gone! I can’t begin to tell people how amazing this stuff is. I’m losing weight, getting in shape, and I’ve been off my harmful medications for almost three months. I believe Shakeology gave my body the nutrients it needed to fight the colitis.



  1. Choose your flavor
  2. Choose box or bag (you get more with the bag)
  3. Choose Autoship. This is important! This gets you FREE S&H, a FREE shaker cup and FREE workout program! This is how you save $$$ on Shakeology. See here for more ways to save!

Order Now

How To Save $$$ on Shakeology

Shakeology costs $120 for a 30 day supply. That’s $4/meal. Pretty DAMN CHEAP when you consider what you’re getting!

But, there are three ways to save even more on it! So, let’s dive in!


Option 1 – Autoship

Wait! What? Autoship? You mean like back in the day when gyms had access to my credit card and charged me even after I cancelled my membership?

First, let’s take note of the word GYM on this. To me it’s a four-letter word!

Second, no. This is Beachbody. They have a BBB rating of A+. You don’t get that with complaints.

So how does it work?

When you buy Shakeology, you have the option for a one-time shipment or Autoship. Choosing Autoship does ship it automatically each month so you don’t have to remember. It also gets you free S&H!!! That’s $12/shipment which equates to $144 per year on saved shipping expenses! Woo-hoo! Go HEREto order! Or read on for the better stuff below!

Option 2 – Be a Team Beachbody CLUB Member

Save 10% on ALL Beachbody products. This includes Shakeology!

Yes, there is a small cost to this. $2.99/wk ($12/mo) billed quarterly. But guess what? 10% of the cost of Shakeology ($120/mo) is $12. So its basically like getting the club membership FREE!

Why do this? You get access to a kick-butt meal planner, VIP chat rooms, VIP trainer tips, save 10% on everything else and more!

Go HERE to be a Club Member! Or read on for the better stuff below!

Option 3 – Be a Team Beachbody Coach!

And why not? Not in shape? Haven’t finished a program yet? Doesn’t matter! Read my original post on coaching HERE to get the 411!

Beachbody set up the coaching opportunity in such a way that even for those who don’t want to do the business, can save 25% on products like Shakeology!

Are there requirements to be a coach? Quotas? Only one.

    • Pay $40 for a starter kit (one time), and
    • $14.95/mo business service fee

But do the math! $30-$14.95 = $16/mo savings! Or $192/year! Not to mention there is the opportunity to make $$$ at this! Why not make your Shakeology FREE? It can be done! BTW – the coach price means you’re paying JUST $2.99 per Shakeology meal! Try getting a cup of coffee at Starbucks for that!

Become a coach HERE!

Here’s the math breakdown (California tax based):

And just to drive my point home, check out how affordable Shakeology really is compared to what your buying now!


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