Coaching 101

What Is Coaching?

Gosh, to put this into just a few words will be tough (because like anything of value, it’s true meaning is so immense, it takes emotion, tone of voice, looking into the eyes to really feel what they’re saying).

Tony Horton (yeah, the man himself) put it this way in his blog on coaching.

But for me….coaching is simply this:

Believing in others more than they believe in themselves.

Does that sound familiar to you ? It should!  Think about it.  How often have you had to convince someone (a friend, family member, co-worker, etc..) that they could do something they didn’t believe they could?  Did you help them?  Support them? Motivate them? Stick with them during the challenge?  Well then, you just coached someone!

Who Are Coaches?

Coaches were once customers of Beachbody.  Like myself, coaches found a product with Beachbody (most common is P90X) and saw what it did (or is doing) for them and shared that with others.

Does that sound familiar to you? It should!  Think about it.  When was the last time you went to the movies, read a book, ate out, or bought something and told your friends, family members, co-workers that they should too?  Well, that’s how it all started.

Beachbody has put this GREAT video together to show you who coaches are! Its only 5mins, so watch will ya?

Several years back (2004), Beachbody saw that a small group of customers who did Power90 (the predecessor to P90X) were the main source of new customers.  Additionally, these same people were helping new people on the message boards.  So, the CEO realized that “THIS” was the missing key from fitness programs and companies before him.   It was support that was missing!

You can’t just get a program, a diet plan and succeed. You’ve got to put in the work and sometimes (most of the time) that takes help from our friends. So with that, the TEAM Beachbody side was created with the sole purposes of supporting those that took the journey to improve their lives.

What do coaches do?

Let’s answer this with what coaches DON’T do.

  • Coaches don’t train. That’s what the programs are for.
  • Coaches don’t have to be nutrition experts.  That’s what the programs are for.
  • Coaches don’t have to be in shape.  It takes heart and the desire to help people to succeed at coaching. Not a six pack.  Some of the best coaches I know are just starting out on their fitness journey!

Why Do We Do It?

Because we’re selfish.  No really. We have an innate desire to live a better life through helping others achieve their goals. Beachbody has set up such an opportunity that when we focus on others, give of ourselves and change lives for the better, we get rewarded with both significance and success.  So, we offer ourselves up to others, helping them so we can live the ONE life we have the way we want it.

Some real world examples:

Bill Gates – the man changed the world through Microsoft.  One would’ve thought he left his mark on the world. Not him!  He and his wife are now traveling the world with their charity and doing good around the world.

Why? Significance.  He realized that even though he has contributed so much to this world already, he has more to give.


Marlee Maitlan – an Oscar award winning actress.  You’d think she considers herself at the top of the mountain. But she did P90X and saw the potential to help others.  Specifically the deaf. So she became a coach! Most recently, you may have seen her on The Apprentice in her P90X shirt!  She also was a keynote speaker at Beachbody’s annual coach Summit this year.  Her speech was all about how she struggled as a deaf actress and how her relationship with Henry Winkler (yeah, the “Fonze”!) saved her.  She inspired so many people (including yours truly) to continue fighting what’s worth fighting for! What a wonderful person she is!

John Schneider (Bo Duke/Jonathan Kent!) is a coach.  He did it for the VERY SAME reason eveyone else did.  He tried P90X, saw it was the real deal, the results came and shared it with people!

So he took the opportunity to get paid for it as well. And if there isn’t a better example than him or Marlee as people who didn’t need the money, but became coaches for the right reasons anyways…I can’t think of it!

BTW – he  named his team “Team Ripped Duke”. Very cool!

Why Should YOU Do It?

Only you can answer that. But ask yourself this — Do you see others living a life you dream of and ask “why not me“?  My question to you is just that….WHY NOT YOU?

What do you want out of life? What’s the “WHY” that’s so deep within your soul that it drives you to do anything to get it?  For me, its my life with my family.

I want to wake up when I want. Be home each morning, greet my kids and wife. Eat breakfast with them and take the kids to school.  I want to be there to walk them home.  I want to pick up and go on vacations that I’ve only dreamed of.  I don’t want to have to find a trip that fits within my budget. I don’t want a budget!

I want to stay fit.  Sure, the LGN factor is important (LGN = Look Good Naked!), but what’s really important to me is the big picture.  I want to be that Grandpa that isn’t tied down by his lack of health. Suffering each day while sitting, wasting away in front of the TV.  I want travel with my wife. Play with my grand kids, go sky-diving, and be one of THOSE Grandpa’s!  This keeps me accountable.  Walk the walk!

I want to help others. I’ve always been told I’d be a great teacher. But I can’t. Why? I’d get fired right away for straightening some student out right or telling a parent how it really is!  This is a great solution for me.  There is no feeling like know you impacted someone’s life to such a degree that both fitness/health and financial freedom can.

Isn’t This A Pyramid Scheme?

No. Well, what did you expect me to say? C’mon! ;)

Really, its not. I’m a believe in K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid).  So here’s why:

  1. Beachbody has an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). See here. If it were a scheme, there is no way in hell the BBB would be rating them an A+. There’d be thousands of complaints.
  2. You’ve heard of P90X right? Well, that’s a product. Pyramid schemes don’t have a product.
  3. Beachbody’s compensation plan is structured so that other people earn you $$$.
  4. I’m a coach. I wouldn’t be if it were. That may not mean much to you as you may not know me.
BUT…if you get the *idea* of a pyramid scheme (without the scheme part), you get the idea behind TEAM Beachbody! Look, we all know that this is MLM – Multi Level Marketing. That’s not a bad thing! Its people helping people. It got a bad rap with shady companies selling crap!  Well guess what? P90X/Insanity/Shakeology, etc.. aren’t crap!
Many hands make light work” – unknown.  That’s the concept behind TEAM Beachbody and its purpose. One person alone can’t solve the problem at hand. But many people can!

Is There Really An Opportunity Here?

Again, K.I.S.S applies here. Let’s take a look at some current statistics:

  • 7 billion people in the world; 300+ million in the US
  • ~34% of Americans are considered obese (not overweight…OBESE!)  – That’s 106 million Americans! Sad.
  • McDonald’s had a record year last year. $6 billion in revenue. Up 23% from 2009!
  • Multiple Beachbody programs have consistently ranked in the top 10 infomercials years after year.
  • Beachbody advertises 240 hours each day around the world.
  • $100+ million dollars is spent on advertising.
  • P90X is everywhere! See HERE. Insanity is just as popular. Turbofire, Turbojam and others are highly regarded.
  • TEAM Beachbody is growing at a phenomenal rate. In just two years, its doubled in the amount of coaches.
  • Beachbody has allowed my family to be a “1-income earner” family. Yeah, you read that right.

Once I’m a coach, what do I do? Will there be training? Support?

Beachbody has a FULL online training academy that’s brand new.  It clearly lays out the entire knowledge library of what coaching is, how the compensation plan works, how to set up the websites they give you (they’re 99% done already) and more.

But what’s really cool here is that YOU DON’T NEED ANY TRAINING if you really think about it.  Remember the movie/book/restaurant example at the top? You share that with people right? This is the same?  The only difference, 1) you’re more aware of how health and fitness can help you and others; and 2) you get paid for it!

Support? Yes! First off, I’ll be your sponsor coach.  Its my job to make sure you succeed. Then, there is my coach who’s job it is to make sure I succeed.  Then, there is her coach….well you get the idea.

There is a WHOLE team of coaches called Team Fit Revolution that will support you.  Plus here’s how Beachbody supports the coaches:

  • Weekly team meetings
  • Local Fit Clubs
  • Exclusive training
  • Live corporate events
  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Annual Coach Summit with exclusive training, live workouts with the trainers and more!
  • Exclusive incentives on products (like P90X) only through coaches
  • Shakeology is only available through coaches
  • Handouts, DVDs, brochures, online videos, CD’s, product samples and more to share.
  • Share-wear (i.e P90X T-shirt)
  • and more!

What Do I Do Next?

If these words have revealed deep within you that fire to live your life the way you want.  If you have that innate desire to truly make an impact with your ONE life.  If you realize that its not money, not toys, not possessions, but PEOPLE who matter. Then you realize what kind of opportunity lay before you! Need I remind you of the statistics above? 106 OBESE Americans! We need to fix this. Take action!

How do I become a coach?

Easy. All you have to do is click on the picture. The process takes 10 minutes tops.


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