Sometimes life is difficult. Sometimes life is wonderful. Right now life seems to be taking the complicated trail. The type of trail that is difficult to follow, where the trail markers aren’t easily seen. I’ve been here before. I know where I should put my trust, my faith. But in times like these it’s often difficult to let go and not have control over unknowns.
But this is what I’m used to, what I’m good at. I’m a hunter and as a hunter the only control I have over the hunt is to be prepared for and anticipate whatever situation might arise and be ready to act accordingly. This is what we hunters train for. Exercising our minds and bodies and building our skills in tracking, shooting, survival, butchery, and finding the game we are after.
What I have come to realize is that with every life change one needs to be ready to make decisions. To read the trail and anticipate what might be ahead. This is where I am at.



About thereverentoutdoors

I am a pastor in the Lutheran church who loves the outdoors and all that it provides; food, joy, peace, contentment
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