Things to Come

I just realized that it’s been a while since I last posted to my blog. Life gets busy sometimes. Especially when you have a church to run and two 5 year old rambunctious boys who want to play hunting with me all the time, or Halo on the Xbox. As busy as things get I find that I still need the time in the woods to gather my thoughts, to re-energize in God’s good creation and to just center and focus myself so that I don’t go insane with everything that’s going on.

So, this year I’m excited because I hopefully will be done with the Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea syndrome that I have been living with forever. OSA sucks! straight up. I have no energy for anything anymore, I’m suffering from headaches and I’m tired all the time. Hopefully, Lord willing, I will be able to be done with this once and for all and I can get back to family, work and the great outdoors. I won’t be able to go hunting for a while. Good thing I put an Elk in the freezer this past September. More on that later. I look forward to doing a lot of writing and reading and painting. Blessings on all your seasons!

My 2011 P&Y archery Elk from Colorado


About thereverentoutdoors

I am a pastor in the Lutheran church who loves the outdoors and all that it provides; food, joy, peace, contentment
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